Find Your Venus And Mars Sign

That planet gives momentum and illustration. It faces what it Fimd, and goes out to get it, end of dating. It friends how a process goes after their goals, their drive and illustration, their initiative, courage, and combativeness. Sunday takes cookies, even if they may passion divisions or tides. It can also now us forthcoming, wanted, impatient and graphic.

When positive, your Mars Sign energizes the passions so you can meet your goals. This planet gives momentum and flow. Given a good outlet, Mars can accomplish anything. When stifled, Mars will boil under the surface until it finally breaks free as anger, temper tantrums or constant irritability.

Planet Venus

Mars is often described as passionate, determined, motivated, impulsive, angry, intense and ambitious. These attributes can come in every range of the spectrum, from mild to extremely intense. This is what fuels Mars to Fjnd, to put themselves first, and to achieve their goals. Mars drives a person veenus do almost everything, from getting up in Find your venus and mars sign morning to getting that promotion to the Finf lost in the snowy mountains who finds the fortitude to find a way to civilization. Often attached to the ego, Mars is fairly straightforward and simple. It wants what it wants, and goes out to get it, end of story. Mars goes into retrograde for approximately 11 weeks every 25 months or so, and when this occurs in a chart, there can be problems.

Instead of sending energy outwards to achieve their goals, Mars in retrograde must turn inwards to find their motivation. A good example of this phenomena is Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychoanalysis. He was born with Mars retrograde in Libra. This lent passion to his lifelong study of his own and others' motivations and sexuality. So, if you have a Cancer moon, you may get along well with someone who's willing to give you the space you need to express your many emotions. Where your moon sign informs you about your interior life, your Venus and Mars signs will tell you what you need to know about your more external desires. As we mentioned way back in March, when the most recent Venus retrograde kicked inVenus rules love and desirewhich kind of makes it a no-brainer source for info on your dating life.

For instance, learning that Venus is in Aquarius for you may explain why you're drawn to intelligence.

Or, if you're a total flirt, there's a chance your Venus is in sensual Taurus. You may have heard that this planet also determines what attracts us, which is true, but only in one, very specific sig Your Venus sign maes what you value and what makes you happy, but it won't tell you what you're drawn Find your venus and mars sign sexually. For physical attraction, you'll have to look to Mars. Advertisement Mars, the planet of action, anger, and all things contact-relatedwill tell you everything you need to know about your sex life. Someone with Mars in Scorpio may have a quiet kinky side, while an Aries Mars probably likes it a little rough.

Looked at together, your Venus and Mars signs can give you a pretty complete astrological snapshot of you as a person who loves and lusts. All of this is to say that, if you want the stars to weigh in on your love life, you're better off learning more about your moon, Venus, and Mars signs than your sun sign. Of course, if you'd rather keep astrology out of your dating life — or if you have a totally different compatibility theory you prefer to follow — that's perfectly fine, too.

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