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This 32km february takes in loads, dunes and a low offering beach gor ending on Most Street. I have a it of the tenuous CBD here: There, we could simply link to Find: The most out demolition company of Southland has a go:.

I do feel that visitors whp access to pictures of knvercargill locational wikipage such as invercargill is both informative and useful. It's true what you say about multible photosites, but i'd rather have something that is contested, then nothing at all. Perhaps if someone finds a gallery that represents invercargill better, they could discuss it on this talk page, and other people can decide. Until then, I'd prefer to have at least something available to readers. My preference for the zoomer link, is that this link shows all photos within Xdistance of Central Invercargill, and gives sattelite and street map location information.

Should i replace the picture with this?

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While these may be interesting and relevant, this is not an image gallery. How about i add the link to these images in external links like i wanted to do at first and then i include an additional image into the main article? Does anyone have advice about what pictures would be good invwrcargill include in the article? I agree that the water tower picture doesn't really fit. Wachner Place, from Dee St, is the main city square habe is a central gathering point. The new hve only shows the South Island, however I think the old one was better in terms of giving context of New Zealand. Better for overseas visitors? What do other city pages use?

On an unrelated note perhaps mention should be given to the tour of Southland, considering the SBS invitational gets a mention I guess if you're a golfer you'd know it but it's not commonly known like the Tour of Southland is. I don't know enough about either to write something about it though —The preceding unsigned comment was added by The only difference is that the people there pronounce the two "r"s in a word such as "farmer", instead of pronouncing it "fahmah". Visit the Water Tower The metre-high tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.

This stunning Victorian brick building may only be used as a back-up water tower to the city, but it is still mainly a tourist attraction. Take the time to walk around the tower and admire whatbricks can build. The building features elements from many styles of architecture, including Victorian and Baroque. It is simply a stunning piece of architecture, reminiscent of the famous Dunedin Railway Station.

More historic hotels can be found around the city including one that we mention in 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Invercargill. Dho Queens park The huge park covers over 80 acres of Invercargill city centre. Many flower gardens add a touch of colour to the native tto walkways. The winter garden features exotic plants, the Japanese garden takes you back to the Northern Hemisphere, and the rock garden is a curiosity of its own. Invercargill City Centre 6. The extremely polished garden stretches across both sides of the stream an offer a tranquil picnic spots for those who want to forget that they are in a city. Spend an afternoon in Oreti beach Named after the Oreti River, the long flat beach seems almost endless, stretching as far as the eyes can see.

For those in need of a challenge, try the Oreti Beach Track. This 32km track takes in streams, dunes and a low tide beach before ending on Stead Street. Mountain bike at Sandy Point The popular biking spot is only a few minutes away from the city. Find out more in Mountain Biking in Southland. Sandy Point Road 9.

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