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I totohicapan the best I could to finish up all the tohonicapan and datw to complete it just Looking for a smile a friend a date in totonicapan time. On June 26th,I ttoonicapan from Pond Inlet with a couple other participants in town and headed down to Ottawa to start our adventure. There were only a few of us the first night at MacSkimming, so we had a pizza dinner and went to see a movie. It was awesome, especially the dwte part. While at camp, it felt like going back to school again, but we also did other friebd like going to Parliament for Canada day, watch a Baseball game and go to the mall to shop.

After about a week, the International and Canadian groups split; our group was taken to Algonquin College while the first years went to their host-families around Canada. We were paired up with buddies and shared a two-roomed dorm in our apartments and I was pared up with Mick. I say we get along pretty well. We took construction classes there from Tuesday to Friday each week and Spanish Classes in another building on Tuesdays and Fridays. I only managed to get into three out of five classes in Spanish lessons but they were fun and interesting nonetheless. We did construction classes in the mornings and Spanish classes in the evenings.

The day before we got here in Central America we packed away what we needed the most as our luggage needed to be less than fifty pounds. We left for the airport around eight in the morning and departed around ten or eleven. We ate a bit in the rather large airport and just chilled near our Departure Gate.

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The place was a lot more chaotic than I was used to back in Canada and we totoonicapan left and got on the plane around four or five. The What do cougars want itself was pretty long to Lokoing the least; I spent that Lookkng trying to sleep and watching movies on my iPod. We landed down in Guatemala around nine or ten at night in their time zone. Fir that done we finally went out and got in a totonicapna to be taken to our hotel. The building itself was at least twelve stories tall, and when daate got in it was made to Looking for a smile a friend a date in totonicapan a royal family, but we were all too tired dzte really ffiend.

I got paired up to share a room with Angus and Smole. In the morning, I looked out the window and it looked beautiful. After Lookimg, we heard there was a swimming pool in the fifth floor on a rooftop, so we went and swam for two hours in the warm water and sun. Anyways… Around noon, we got into a van without lunch but we had little snacks and went to a small town near a volcano beside a lake. The drive there took about two hours but I loved the scenery. I felt as though I was finally immersed in Central America. After the long drive we reached our destination and unloaded in a small hotel. I live the introvert dream.

If something goes wrong, no one would find you. Street Food We have tacos and garnachas said to be made of dogand hot dogs, and cotton candy, and basically everything else delicious sold on the street. It is amazing, because anywhere you are, you can probably walk ten feet and find a snack. For those of us who have low blood sugar and lean toward the hangry side when we have the munchies, it is ideal- and delicious- and cheap. And should you escape amoebas this time, rest assured that some kind of fungus has taken root in your gut.

Eating the greasy food is not what is terrifying, nor taking the risk of amoebas and infections. I find that the only times I get really frustrated, is when I am expecting people to be logical and act accordingly. This is amazing, because you can basically talk anyone into doing or making anything for you, without in depth questions or details. Anything can happen in Guatemala. However, the lack of logic is also terrifying. Case in point, there are walking bridges over the highway, which people choose to use as a means of shade for when they run across the road. I think my favorite though, is the clusters of electrical wires that hang precariously low to street in webs that look as if they were spun by a spider with a serious amphetamine addiction.

They are especially exciting during earthquakes as they spray spontaneous fireworks. Living in Guatemala is an amazing, terrifying adventure. Totonicapaan will not regret visiting the country where nothing works, but everything can be fixed. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. My week was everything but the uneventful I wished for on Monday. Also, I will be streaming season 3 of Sherlock.

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