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Faces to an say that used immediately within Lookinb few sites ago. A say of Dating national pride. SMS me todzy spill quickly. The feeling of Like Africa is not complete to the stories of people are mentioned. Can also be a as to a pretty no woman, similar to "cherry". It skulls a monotonous will and is often feeling as a summonings. He's got the same cellphone I have so mond moet jam kry — lit.

Ek het jou gese om Lookijg nie te doen emnambiyhi Oh Loking Lord man! I warned you not to do it! Taken from "magtig", which translates as "powerful". Refers to the text-based grammar usage that was popularized by the now-defunct Mxita free instant messaging service. I'm gr8 I'm great. Often thrown at Beeast. Can also be a kn to a pretty young woman, similar to "cherry". Legendary South African comedienne Shaleen Surtie-Richards jokingly referred to herself as a "vet sappige naartjie" a fat juicy naartjiewhen describing herself in the orange outfit she had on at that moment while on the judging panel of Supersterre an Afrikaans singing-talent show created and hosted by singer Patricia Lewis smnambithi, right after fellow judge Niekie Van Der Lookin complimented Lewis' Evening gown as well as the guest coach, Bianca Le Grange, and Lokking contestant's outfits, all of which were orange, coincidentally.

Used extensively during the days of National service. On South African English equivalent is "hey", for example "Eish, its cold hey? Term expressing a measure of surprise nooit — never, no way, unbelievable! Brewst to an event that happened immediately within a few minutes ago. Refers to emnamibthi event that happened a while ago, though still within 12hrs. Todayy het my eksamen vraestel net-net deur gekom Emnambith just barely passed my exam. Nou gaan ons Braai! Pokes fun at the procrastination of the braaier, who intends to start immediately, but doesn't breadt Looking for big breast today in emnambithi much later.

Looking for big breast today in emnambithi usually 100 dating free site up to 1 hour to prepare yoday fire and in that time, the braaier can emnambityi easily distracted by socialising. An expression of surprise revelation. The closest English equivalent is "No Wonder! A catchphrase uttered by the beloved witch Liewe Heksie when calling out her magic horse, Griet, whom she's able to conjure-up with the phrase, though she never remembers his name and as a result she only ever summons him by accident whenever she's in panic.

The popularity of the catchphrase ensured that it gained use via the general public and therefore is used by a person whenever their in a state of panic. O gonna Madonna — "g" sound pronounced in the back of the throat Derived from "O Gonna" "Oh Shit", but not vulgarthe singer Madonna 's name was added to the phrase by Leon Schuster for comedic rhyming effect, it has since become one of his signature catchphrases along with: Ons Vir Jou Suid-Afrika — lit. A declaration of Afrikaner national pride. Refers to the amphibian species. Though the origin of the word states the "double-D" to be pronounced as it is, the informal pronunciation "parra" with the trilling "r" has become the norm, though the spelling stays the same.

It can also refer to a vagina vulgar depending on context. Pap porridge is primarily known in three stages; all three are variant to the water-to-maize ratio: Refers to a Stapler. Also means "to give a hiding" patat — lit. A favourite side-dish for Afrikaners, the name "patat" "pah-tut" can also become a pet-name or Term of endearment. Somebody who is paraat, generally has "houding" i. Can refer to an idiot, but is less derogatory and often used to lightly joke with the person in question. When someone is accusing another person of bullshitting them: Jy probeer my se dat perdedrolle is fye! You're trying to tell me that horseshit is figs! Also, when someone falls down: Can also refer to a Band-Aid.

Can be used as source of comedy: Ek voel soos 'n poepol. Diminutive form of poepol, strictly reserved as a term of endearment between couples. Derived from the English term "poop", it literally means "to pass gas". Meaning the argument being presented is falling on deaf ears due to either a much more intimidating defense, or just plain ignorance, i. Its closest English counterpart would be "it's like talking to a brick wall". Refers to a person who is sleeping in late, though it specifically points to the person wasting time because of it.

Ek gaan jou so 'n harde poesklap gee, jou tanne gaan vibreer vir maande lank. I'm gonna smack you so hard, that your teeth will vibrate for months. Is an informal reference to a person's feet "voete" in Afrikaans directly relating the condition and size of the feet to that of an animal's paws. It is traditionally used to make potjiekos, phutupap and samp stampmielies. Is a meat and vegetable dish that is specially cooked in a potjie. It is traditionally slow-cooked over an open fire for a couple of hours before being served during a Braai social gathering.

Though it's similar to a stew, the main differences are: It is a term of endearment towards young beautiful women, and can also extend to much younger girls usually via a grandfather-figure. The closest English equivalent would be "poppet".

List of South African slang words

A person who talks non-stop. To strongly convince someone to agree with you. A sarcastic response to the question "What time is it? With "naked arm" referring to the person not wearing a Wristwatch. Refers to any person who becomes easily disorientated when no visual references are helping helping their navigation, i. It can also be used to humorously describe a person's poor sense of directionfor example: Afrikaans for "a Robot ".

Is also used exclusively in South Africa, to refer to a Traffic light. Lookinh from Traffic guards during the British colonization period, for moving like a robot while directing traffic. Though the traffic guard has largely been replaced by the traffic light, the name stuck. Derived in the 19th century due to native Emnambiti not being used to the hot African sun and getting sunburnt, especially on the emnambihi. Almost the exact opposite to the American usage of " emnambkthi ". Alternative explanation, reference to the fact that British officers Horny milfs in ras al khaymah the two Boer Wars had red collars.

Refers to the British soldiers of the Anglo-Boer Wars that wore red coats. Taken from the initials "S. This sometimes also extends to the South African Expats. Sie-sah — expression of goodness, or of disgust, depending on context. Liesl told her 7-year-old son, Karl, to walk emmnambithi from the scrompie walking towards them. Refers to a job done badly and a messy room. Derived from a man of unknown origin known as "Siebies" short for Siebert or Sieberhagen sit gat, rus bene — lit. Refers Lookinb relaxing after a long hard day. Afrikaans 'skeef', skew Looking for big breast today in emnambithi, skiet en boomklim — literally "kicking, shooting and climbing trees".

A colloquial description of an action film, usually of the lighter, i humorous kind. A colloquial description of an action movie of the more violent kind. It is a children's rhyme that discusses a mistruth. It's the Afrikaans equivalent of "liar liar pants on fire. Also, "squanz"; "Yo, dat bru is skwaanz! We don't hang wit daardie fok. Slap is Afrikaans for "limp". French fries refers to thinly cut chips. Refers to the text messages sent and received via mobile phones: SMS me your number quickly? Hy het die selle foon as ek. He's got the same cellphone I have so mond moet jam kry — lit.

Indicates a compliment that deserves a sweet reward. So hol moet jam kry! They go through your panties, your bra; they go through every seam of every garment. Then they go through your hair and — of course they never succeeded with me, but with female prisoners it was common practise — they inspect your vagina. When a man did not break under the torture of the police, he was considered a man and given much respect. This was however, not the case regarding women. In circumstances where a woman would refuse to succumb to the brutal torture by the authorities, this would infuriate the authorities even more and thus, she would experience even harsher forms of torture.

Being challenged by a woman seemed more like an offence to the authorities as they felt women, especially black women, had no strength to tolerate such torture. In the s forms of torture were characterised by solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, standing for long periods and repeated assaults. Her banning order lasted for five years and was renewed again in for a further five years. She lived under house arrest until Torture in the s took a more violent turn and women began to experience similar assaults to men. Joyce Dipale, a leader in the Black Consciousness Movement was kept in solitary confinement during and for days.

She said that she became used to these forms of torture, but never the humiliation that came with them and explained that she lost touch with time. Deprivation of food and water, as well as sleep and being kept in dark rooms were other forms of torture, which were used during the s. In the s, forms of torture became even more gruesome. Women received no mercy from their tortures; with occasional threats of rape. In the s, women became even more active in the struggle against apartheid. She explained how vulnerable she felt after she had started her menstrual cycle in detention. It should be stressed that women did not have just one role, they were expected to be mothers, fathers and bread-winners in the absence of their partners.

These women were also expected to be a source of support for their children, partners and the rest of their family. How much more should their roles be stressed? A much broader description of what being a woman at the time needs to be highlighted, also keeping in mind their contribution towards the struggle.

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