Naked Massage In Fes

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The Casablanca massage

Part of the bath ritual is getting scrubbed down by the hammam attendant or by a friend — all depends on whether you have a friend who will scrub your back for you everyone scrubs each other in the bathhouse — another cultural thing that would normally be out of place in Massaye culture. They both cost no more than around 10 dirham. Sabon beldi and rhassoul are also widely available in shops. Massxge can also rent towels for a few dirham at the front desk. Hammam layout When you enter a hammam, you pay the man at the front desk the entry fee and continue to the changing room.

Here, you change into masdage swim There is usually no locker-type storage available, but staff will keep an eye on your belongings. It's very rare for clothing or shoes to be stolen from a hammam, but you should not Des valuable items to a bathhouse. Maesage changing room often doubles as a place for people to rest after their bath. A lot of hammams serve coffee or tea in this room. So while changing, you will be surrounded by other guests. Be careful efs wrap a towel around your waist as you change - full-frontal nudity is offensive. Beyond the changing room are three areas ves by walls and connected by small openings in these walls.

The first room is cool, the second room is warm and the third room is steaming hot. The hammam ritual After changing, the usual path through a hammam is: You use some of the water to clean the floor of the space you'll be sitting on. Then you wash a first time, but just superficially, to get rid of the basic dirt on your skin and in your hair. This brings all the dirt out that's hidden in your pores and does wonders for your skin. How much time you spend in this room, depends on your tolerance for heat. You can use the water in your buckets to refresh from time to time, although most Moroccans leave their buckets in the warm room. This is when you soap in completely, using the water from one bucket in the process.

A fellow bather may offer to wash your back for you. This is a courtesy, don't misinterpret it for anything else. After you wash your skin and hair, you use the water from the second bucket to rinse the soap and dirt off your body. When your bath is done, you carefully empty the remaining water from your buckets along the walls of the warm room. Many hammams have communal showers in this room, so you can rinse the last remaining dirt and sweat off your body. There are also benches in this room where you can relax for a while and let your body get used to normal temperatures again.

Getting a massage Many hammams, but by far not all, have staff who can massage you. The more upscale often private hammams use scented oils for this. Here, you can also choose to be washed by staff. Such a "gommage" often involves rich olive oil soap and is a real treat. Visitor, Michael Palin having a massage in Fez In the more basic, public hammams, a fellow bather may offer to massage you. There's nothing suspicious about such an offer. It's a very kind gesture, usually without financial motives, although returning the favor is somewhat expected. People with a bad back or other ailments would be wise to abstain from a massage.

Even at the hand of a professional, a massage can be quite painful, although afterwards you'll feel as new. Not a problem, I tell myself, the room is dark. It is a gorgeous massage. I long for more. Famous for its sulphur-rich spa waters, it beckons thousands of families over weekends. I shower and go into a dark room wearing a robe. The masseuse tells me to lie down. She will be back in a minute, she says. In French, of which I understand a few words. I remove my robe and lie down on my belly, after removing my underwear. Suddenly there is a shriek, and I see the masseuse rushing out. I put the robe back on wondering at the excitement and touch of horror. She keeps saying something that sounds like obligation.

Soon a hefty woman enters the room. I expect to be caned. She is stern ces stares into my eyes. She knows some English. I tell her I was doing the same thing as I did in the Casablanca massage parlour. I offer to wear my underwear.

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