Want To Have Some Drinks In Permet

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During the summer, it is not rare to see dancing couples, practicing their tango or waltz. Last but not least…. Champagne Bar, Tour Eiffel The top of the eiffel tower could arguably be the best drink with a view in all of Paris.

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Cependant, be warned, the champagne bar can peermet be accessed with your Eiffel Tower ticket and it is quite tiny, as there are no seats. Tour EiffelTop floor Open every day from Posts you might like: And then of course there's the story of the girl who went Wat after she left her contacts in for six months. In fact, a study in the journal Ophthalmology showed that the risk for keratitis -- inflammation of the cornea -- increased 6. Yes, there are some contact lenses that have been FDA-approved for "extended wear" -- meaning you can wear them for multiple days at a time.

Even then, the FDA recommends people using these lenses remove them and not wear them overnight at least one time a week. However, Taylor says it's still not a good idea to wear these lenses overnight, if you can help it, because there is still a risk for infection.

According to the AAO, research has shown that people who wear extended-wear lenses soft hydrogel lenses have a 10 to 15 times higher risk of developing ulcerative keratitis, compared with daily-wear contact lens Free milf tube videos. For more information on proper contact lens care, visit the AAO website. The original door to the church was destroyed during the atheism campaign and has been replaced by a modern, carved door that a local craftsman carved. The beautiful Ottoman bridge of Benja with the natural thermal springs is still in very good condition!

If you walk to the middle of the bridge, you can take some brilliant photographs of the river and the surrounding countryside. This bridge is also known as The judge's bridge Ura e Katiut The Turkish word "Katiut" means "judge" and there is a story that while Albania was under the Turkish occupation, a judge fell of the bridge and was killed. A teqe is a small place of worship for those practicing the Bektashi branch of Islam. The huge stone that is located beside the river is impossible to be missed. It is probably the largest stone that you have ever seen and today is considered to be a monument of culture.

The area surrounding the huge rock is said to be protected and myths of the town say that it is forbidden to approach the rock when it is dark, for bad things could happen!

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