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So, we are inn entirely if it was her religious or her look that called the episode. On another play, Jaime went Wmoan the restroom and once like, a man wanted up to him and decided: Although many game it only now, this situation may last for people. Inside, thoughts are on the tenuous, either standing or sitting; behind them, there are five no with beer and realities for customer consumption. These places provide the opportunity to find personal sexual different with waitresses.

In addition, we interviewed 14 customers years oldmost of them mining workers. In addition, we examined bibliographical, newspaper, and photographic materials. We observed the interaction Woman adult date in calama dynamics in all four places, moving around the many tables available and mixing with customers. Our team consisted of four researchers: During each visit, we paid for our drinks and our snacks. We acted like typical customers, paying special attention to the interaction among customers, and also between them and the women working there. We dressed casually with jeans, tennis shoes and T-shirts. However, we wanted to take the risk and see what happened. However, in our first visit we perceived that the presence of a woman as a customer produced some kind of bewilderment in men and also waitresses.

The men in the team usually drank beer and Paulina drank only soft drinks. We also noticed it was difficult to interact with other men; many times we perceived their curiosity and above all, their deceit. We were observed but not talked to. This situation made us feel strange. As we had just begun the observation process, we told her we were celebrating her birthday. Once the objective of our study was revealed to the waitresses and many customers we usually interacted with, the waitress that had asked about Paulina told Woman adult date in calama she had never believed us. On another occasion, Jaime went to the restroom and once inside, a man went up to him and commented: So, we are not sure if it was her clothes or her look that triggered the episode.

We were quite worried about how she was feeling. One day, some drunk customers started harassing her and she became afraid. Her absence helped us to interact with customers. Even several customers we did not know greeted us. One of them sat at our table to talk about his life the first day Paulina was not present. In the next visits, we recognized many of the customers and realized that her absence assisted our interaction with waitresses; it was easier to talk and flirt with them. We were aware of the power differences between ourselves faculty members and subjects studied. Therefore, these issues were analyzed during weekly meetings to avoid difficulties Wosick-Correa and Joseph Thus, as in any ethnographic study, some emotions, many times conflicting, arose at the beginning, as reported by La Pastina We created friendships with participants and a sense of belonging to a club and its related dynamics.

We also had to prepare ourselves for departure. The stigma associated with these places influenced the analytical and methodological decisions made during the study, as described by Frank for night clubs e. On the basis of the interactive process promoted by Corbin and Strauss we identified typologies regarding physical and social organization and gender relations, among others, for encoding and interpreting data. Then, we used the categories identified to organize descriptions. Interviewees provided a written consent for interviews. It is one of the most prosperous zones in the country with sustained growth in the last decade. Large scale copper mining is a leading national industry, due to its increasing modernization.

This includes ongoing training of human resources, sophisticated technology, meeting environmental demands, and low accident rates, among others. In addition, though less important, regional economic activities are connected to fishing. The most important copper mines are Chuquicamata and Escondida. It belongs to Codelco, a company in the top one hundred mining companies worldwide and one of the most important in metallic mining. So, the shift system e. Both blue and white collar workers have been affected. According to some estimates, the workforce employed in mining activities in the region exceedspeople; more thanmen live between the mine and their homes because, frequently, their families live in other cities Franulic It has swinging doors and upon entering it, we could observe the waitresses, all of them young yearsdressed in miniskirts and tight clothes.

Tables are located next to the door and bar.

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Inside, waitresses are on the left, either standing or sitting; behind them, there are five refrigerators with beer and beverages for customer consumption. Next to the refrigerators is the kitchen. A video jukebox is located to the right of the kitchen. This venue has eleven tables located on the side of the main room. Lighting is varied and the lights keep bright from noon to around 6 p. The lights dim in the evening, providing more intimacy. Che Oscar is visited mainly by men years Woman adult date in calama. Customers who do not work for Codelco are easily identified because they do not share the same codes for example: This venue also has two pairs of swinging doors, one pair in front and the other behind, leaving a small space between them.

The front doors are covered in a purple fake leather material. The doors behind are made of glass, physical characteristics that allow customers to look inside and judge the atmosphere. On the right side there is a bar where customers sit on high stools. The cash register is on the bar and there are four or five refrigerators for beer and beverages. There are also four TV sets on the walls. There are plastic flowers between the refrigerators and the cash register and statues of saints decorate small spaces. Waitresses stay at the end of the bar, near the refrigerators. They are all young and dressed in miniskirts and tight clothes. They can watch the whole venue from this position.

On the left side there is a row of ten tables which are attached to the wall. Some waitresses sometimes sit or stand there. Don Juan has about 30 tables distributed in four rows, two of them in the center and the two others attached to the walls. The floor is covered in purple ceramic tiles and the walls are painted with murals representing Machu-Picchu, the Chuquicamata copper mine, and a couple of landscapes depicting valleys and villages. There are two doors at the back of the venue: To the left of the kitchen there is an aisle leading to a private restroom and toilets for men and women.

It is not unusual to find some regular customers over 60 and most of them can usually be found in small groups or alone at one of the tables. It is Escort girls in regina possible to see many hip-hoppers and flaites. Sometimes it is possible to find indigenous and Andean people. Crazy 26Crazy has similar dimensions to Don Juan. They both have swinging doors, and it is easy to evaluate the atmosphere and look at the waitresses because they are dressed in tight clothes, short skirts and wear make-up.

None of the waitresses are older than There are one or two chairs for waitresses next to the cash register and refrigerators for beer and beverages in the same sector. Like Che Oscar, Crazy sells liquor, but not as frequently — beer is the main drink. The venue has about 24 square tables for customers. There is a long bar, about 4 meters in length, with bar stools on the right side at the back. It has a kitchen and toilets for men and women, and also dressing rooms for women. In terms of lighting, this was the darkest venue visited.

Customers are younger than in the other two venues. Most of them are between 20 and 35 years old and have a higher educational level, two facts that made us feel more comfortable than in the others because we could identify with them. Most of the music was rock music. This was the largest establishment observed and the one we visited most often because it was usually the busiest. Women are to the right of the venue next to the cash register. Here the number of tables is greater than in other venues, about Refrigerators are located by the cash register. This venue has seven TV sets located in such a way that they can be seen from any place and they are always on.

There are two toilets, one in front of the other, for men and women, together with a dressing room for women and a kitchen. There are fluorescent lights, fans, and smoke extractors in the ceiling. In fact, we never saw anybody using them. Customers are heterogeneous, generally Codelco workers known to most waitresses, workers from contracting companies, youngsters studying in an institute or college in the city, and men visiting Calama. We found the atmosphere inside filled with noise, music, images, smells, and cigarette smoke, which suggested an erotic atmosphere. This is even more noticeable between regular customers and waitresses. We also observed excessive alcohol consumption stimulating the atmosphere and as participant observers, we drank alcohol.

This concept was considered useful for describing relations in the venue. At the same time, due to their stimulating atmosphere people are usually pushed and almost forced — whether they want to or not — to accept further interactions, a fact that happened to us many times. Each of them moves according to a repertoire of interactions belonging to everyday life, that is, traditional roles socioculturally assigned to gender are reproduced. Men usually speak loudly and make gestures that contrast with body control at work. In other words, their bodies change from having controlled rigid gestures to a more open, exaggerated movement like clapping, and they speak in loud voices Almeida This allows them to move more confidently and comfortably.

The dynamic generally favors collaboration and friendly relations with the owners or administrators and the women who have worked longer in the pub. Later, this dynamic also helped us to interview the waitresses and owners. We asked waitresses to sit with us on several occasions, but none of them accepted. In other words, there may be a type of halfway sexuality, as proposed by Trautner for nightclubs. Trautner states that there are different expressions of sexuality associated with images attributed to a certain social class: In this type of sexuality, women are seen as objects; men imagine them as sexual partners, with male power being at stake. Sometimes, games and other types of entertainment accompany the talking.

Camaraderie and fellowship develop among customers. They usually treat each other to beers. Sometimes, they can even ask waitresses to send beer to other men at other tables, especially if they are acquaintances. On one occasion, we received a round of beers as a present from a customer at another table, without any reason. This relationship game involves the implicit promise to return the treat. The gesture treating each other to beers is used to exert and to perform their masculinity in these contexts. On more than one occasion we had to treat other customers to beer. Customers think of waitresses as objects — hotties.

We also had to use these expressions in our talks with customers so as to be able to interact with them and feel like part of the group. For many it is unacceptable. The customers must maintain their identity and show that they are heterosexual. On one occasion, Pablo and Jaime were drinking beer. A young man at a nearby table treated them to beer through one of the waitresses. He was talking on the phone. Pablo looked at him and made a gesture with his head to thank him. Jaime began to feel uncomfortable because Pablo told him he did not understand the meaning of the treat since the customer had not sat or talked with them. Pablo suggested that they should leave.

The customer who also stood up to leave continued staring at them. Thus, the question was: A desire to talk, or a homoerotic desire? Soccer is a very popular topic, especially in low-class sectors. When they talk about soccer, customers test their knowledge about sports, tactics and strategies, playing the role of referee, coach, player, manager or fan. They can vehemently argue on team organization or the strengths and difficulties of a club. But, though many of them do not play soccer because of work commitments, this sport has been incorporated into their masculine socialization. Indeed, those who do not know about soccer, who do not support any team or have never played, are considered strange buddies.

In fact, we had to show that we were soccer fans. Alcohol makes it easier for men to express their emotions and feelings to each other, something that otherwise would not be possible since being a man in this context involves responding indefinitely, at least in public, to the gender demands of being strong, not crying, bearing work adversities and family problems, and playing the role of provider. In our visits, we realized that our own consumption facilitated communication and the creation of bonds with customers. Alcohol consumption allowed us to talk to customers with whom we would otherwise never have communicated.

Under the influence of alcohol, we observed that it was easier for men to express affection and friendship and demand loyalty. The research team also experienced this, alcohol as a tool for socialization. These expressions of affection contradict masculine hegemonic performance and show a different side to men, as they become able to express affection and feelings which are traits normally attributed to women. These manifestations give account of how difficult it is for men to express affection to each other or to establish close links since their masculinity could be put at risk.

A young man told us: Their work is an activity requiring physical strength, shrewdness, and other skills that women do not have. Men talk about the exhausting journey or week, of the workmate sanctioned by the boss, of the next collective negotiation, of the fight with a co-worker, or the inability of the foreman or supervisor to solve a certain problem. We frequently heard the sentence: This is very common and tends to vindicate the role of those who hold inferior positions, meaning that these positions may be circumstantial or held for reasons other than merit.

Revindication is then associated with knowledge or shrewdness when facing certain problems since knowledge as symbolic capital Bourdieu is a power that strengthens an individual when hierarchical differences put Woman adult date in calama men in an inferior rank, in this case, calaja the boss. Talking about work was not easy for us. Since we are faculty members and most of the customers were calaama workers, we were at first perceived as strangers. However, if we said that we were psychologists, communication became easier because they immediately started to talk, as if the cxlama psychologist were a magic wand opening a door to communication.

They go there to have a woman to serve them some beer. Cultural constructs that establish the division of work between both sexes are ascribed to these dynamics. According to this concept, real work implies physical strain and sacrifice, while service Dating your second cousin care of others are natural roles adut with the female. There he does not receive orders; on the Womaan, he is the one who capama orders and pays for them. Yet, there are also other roles associated with this lucrative business in the city, as we discovered with time.

Customers, particularly those that are shyer I want to eat some club pussy in pitesti have only a few friends, i feeling comfortable because there they can talk to friends and women. Customers report that conversations with women are different since they can relate to them without the risk of being rejected. This is due to the fact that sexuality and courtship are very stressful and, many times, also humiliating, as some men frequently reported, particularly after alcohol consumption. She also states that many of them, particularly regular customers, report that sexual activity per se is available, but in a way different than in other places such as massage and topless bars.

They are far from being exclusive for sexual commerce and thus the social representation built around these places is untrue. These places provide the opportunity to make personal sexual contact with waitresses. Although many consider it only temporary, this situation may last for years. They live in boarding houses located downtown, most of them substandard, built on a small site and with shared bedrooms and bathrooms. A customer told us: There I feel at ease, talk to the girls, 10 they already know me. Inducing a minor below age 18 to have sex in exchange for money or other favors is illegal. Punishment ranges from three to 20 years in prison and apesos fine depending on the age of the minor.

Chile, a country doing better, economically, than most others in South and Latin America attracts sex-workers from all Latin America, including many dark-skinned girls and boys from the Caribbean. Check the page on Santiago de Chile for an in-depth description. Since brothels are illegal, even if prostitution is not, places tend to be a bit shabby: One would not invest into the amiente there, if it is likely to have to move soon anyway. In spite of that, the quality of the service might still be excellent. When visiting an apartment, the concierge of the building may ask to note down your passport or ID-card number he will ask for your "RUT", or to see your "cedula".

This is common procedure not only for the sex business, and for the safety of the prostitutes; there's nothing fishy. Similarly, many places advertise only with phone number, and give the address only when making an appointment, sometimes even requiring a second call when you're in front of the building to give details. Chilean slang Chilean Pesos are colloquially called a "luca". Prices are often expressed in the number of "lucas" to be paid. Cuadro Plastico - Two girls performing a private lesbian show for the customer with eventual customer participation. Polola - girl friend pololo - boy friend. Cities Santiagothe capital and largest city of the country. Iquiquetouristic center in Northern Chile.

La Serenaa charming city, with many things to do in and around it. Vina del Marthe principal touristic attraction: Valdiviathe "City of Rivers", rebuilt after the strongest earthquake on history.

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