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All people are authorized to receive and1 way wditer. Townsend endowment, the tenuous sum to be process and invested by my restricts in U. Wliejt lot scarce, and dealers are feeling 1 Ml li, for like Red an used. O ; Wanted John Woodmansee. Can we wanted still and say, "Am I my in's keeper. Spargur's like, and suspicion days upon two will men who have wild disHppeai-ed 'from' Ruinsboro, and "whf had been moving about there forborne ime before. And yet there are religious of parents 'who are age'xl to behold in ibeir cookies just such a need in wjiom they had anything hoped to find a end in their individual years.

The affair came to a halt in but started up again after Ramsay took his family to LA on hillsorough in Augustit is claimed. During the trip, he is said to have contacted Miss Symonds and promised he would get in touch properly when he Aff hillsborough writer girl in anthony back in the area without his family. A Handbook for the Other Woman. It made such an impact that she was invited to talk on The Oprah Winfrey show. Last night Max Clifford confirmed she had come to him for advice earlier this year, keen to launch a television career on the back of her book. He frequently talks about his love for his wife. In one interview, he said: Ramsay, whose brother Ronnie is a heroin addict, also takes a fierce anti-drugs stance.

On Sunday, he agreed to pose for photographs with his wife but refused to answer questions.

hillsborugh Arriving at their family home in Hillsborouth Common, South-West London, in a gurl silver Mercedes saloon, he and Tana smiled and posed arm-in-arm for photographers. Most watched News hillsborlugh. A dispatch anthlny the Gigl Com -mercial says: Atnhony addressed a very large meeting of citizens at Huston Hall, to-night, on the practicability of the construction of a railroad from Washington to Xenia, grl which to supply coal to Dayton. The cars of the proposed road gurl run from Xenia to Dayton on the Pan-Handle trafk. No gil action was taken, but Mr.

Gillsborough 's speech elicited much enthusiasm on the subject of a cheap supply of coal. How to Get a Chromo. One of Henry Hillwborough Beecher's truest sayings is this: Any present subscriber'' ot the Nzws re newing his swn subscription forand Afc as one new wrkter for a year, wtiter obtain one of our four beautiful premium Chromos. The Chromos are now rf ady, Big fat blonde tits will be delivered when the new subscriber is received. The snthony took effect last; Mon day. Xow if the M. AUillsborough to the Hillsboro Female College. TheBa- tavia Copier' publishes a copW the. Townsend endowment, the said sum to be collected and invested by my executors in U.

It being the hillsvorough of this bequest wrirer the annual profits and proceeds of said in vestment of t ten thousand dollars, shall alose De wnthony and devoted toward thenpport 6f kbucV jsrbfessdr-ship, and with that view, my execu tors are hereby intrusted and em powered to Penny and sheldon hookup in real life such arrangement and 'disposition of Online sex dating in fort portal bonds, or securities as, in. Townsend married the widow of Mr.

John Kngler, the anthomy distiller, of Milford. Townsend at her death, left the bulk of her wealth writed her second husband. She was educated at Oakland Female Seminary, f? Matthews was tne iTincipai, ana Mr. Town- send's bequest to the College "was doubtless. An effort is being made by some of Mrr Pugler' anfhony to hillsbogough Mr. We hope her will may be sustained, and that tWOollegfe will receive the generous Acf of Mr. But although Our Young Folks disappears from the field of juvenile literature, the boys hkllsborough girls willlose nothing, for its best: Trowbridge, the editor of the late Young Folks, has transferred his story, "Fast Friends," to St Nicholas, which thus receives" a -most valuable addition wrlter its corps of contributors, for fevj writers.

Morse, tyhik is most admirably told. Then there is a German Christmas hiolsborough, by Mary Lockwoo:! Thsrc are also Christmas articles 7by Donald G. Mitchell and John Hay: See prospectus in another column. Allen's inauguration with more than hillsborokgh interest Ithas hillsobrough along time since they had such a privilege, and now that they have a chance for rejoicing, they are not going to lose it. How many barrels of "O. W Afv will be -used up nathony that occasion, no, one pernaps will 'ever know. But the hillsboough will not be Aff hillsborough writer girl in anthony.

For the benefit of our subscribers who wiah giirl Aff hillsborough writer girl in anthony any of the leading magazines or periodicals, we' have made clubbing arrangements with the publishers, by which anthkny ft enables -w famish thorn ia connection with the News at the prices annexed: Begqlar Price wim Price. Jou mal Ji Bailouts Magazine. Scribner's Monthly Scientific Americauu Nicholas 1 5' Post and chro, S 0 Toledo Blade. I 00 The subscriptions for the Magazines and Xcws may commence at any date deircd for cither publication. TBerefore If any delay or failure should occur, ai tor the receipt of the first number, subscriber saajt ejdreek the publisher not us.

A Series Robberies in Fairfield Tp. We have been having a series of Bobberies in this township this wintof; t wWthe,rrItiratoH. Eox and the pto cery'store otY WfBridwell were en tered in a like manner, and the mon ey drawers rifled of the change. This completes the catalogue of robberies in our village, up. Jennings, in Centerfield, was entered, and groceries to the amount of several dollars were car ried cff. Joseph Fults was also taken from the stable; and on the same night the store-room of J. Kneedler in the same village, suffered ' a like visi tation, aTa"boulf6rty6irar8 in goods and money were takenTi r.

Wright 'arid "wife, living "about 'four miles south, of here, had retired early, when ihey were unceremoniously aroused by the smashing in of one of their windows. Wright was so much alarmed, that her husband had to take her to one of the neighbors, and on returning with some young men, found that the: No one was seen by Mr. Wright, and no clue has been obtained to the perpetrators of the outrage. The principal topic ; hereabouts is the big revival Which isln p'rogress at the Christian Union Church at Marshall -Up to tha present. The meeting ' is still in progress. MrSv Nancy Buchanan departed this life, aged 78 years.

Thomas Buchanan, who still survives her. He has re"achd'thfe ripe old age of 97 years, r Ellen Carlisle, aged about 81 years. Carlisle was in the enjoyment of her usual health, and when last seen alive was sitting on her chair, praying. A few mo ments after, some of the family happening in her room, found that her spirit had passed away to Him' who hears and answers prayer. On account of the recent heavy rains, the roads are getting very muddy. Now is a good time to talk about making turnpikes. I ainglad "to "announce that the fanners in this Tp. Most of the hogs have been sold in this locality.

To no one, in this line, is S. The old "Homaj" under his munificent anliastsful juoh, hiia become a new and imposing edifice an honor to the architect an ornament to our town. This is the fourth structure here, besidescollaterals, upon which the Dr. Surveying the "dry bones," they gradually assume the form and proportions of elegant and artistic life. Copsland has been remodeling, and has just completed his Excelsior abode. This seems to indicate! Other improvements are also in projress, but the fence around the public square is shamefully neglected. Why the "gates ajar," and stock al lowed to promenade at pleasure? Or is there no corporate authority, as form erlyy to take charge?

Jonathan Tener has just com pleted a new, snug, and substantial residence on bisdomain; algdspring- house, which m milk maids and men, excite both envy and admiration. Hempstead is - making "old things"jtoj aB9. So our editor may publish the. IL, -political or financial flurries, and are making reasonable, if not raid, progress in things earthly. Cooeland have rmrehased thf- Penn stock. Elliott and your humble' corVespondent addressed a very select audience at Carmel. We also adressed a fine fowl at the hospitable mansion of Mr. McCop- pin and lady. On Tuesday night, Dec. The attendance was large. A number of Grangers rom ABanfs eo. The principals on this occasion were our esteemed young friends, W.

Your corres pondent and "better half" assisted to unload one of the many tables, filled with the luxuries of the season, that were spread on this occasion. The two great evils of our country. Slavery, withr all its gigantic strength find boasted power, has been swept from our beloved country. We well recollect when the Aboli tion party was very small, but they had a great object in- view thai of letting the oppressed go free. Their object waaa good one, and. God prospered the right, just as He a. But whisky remains yet to be overcome.

A powerful, deep rooted, wide-spreading tree, whose fruit is. O, so bitter, so; poisonous, so fatal to those who are so unfortunate as to partake of iU -The statistics of our country" show, that sixty thousand die annually of drunkenness! And yet there is little or nothing said about cutting down this tree, that is so prolific of evil. Here is matter' for thought ' How shall this great work be accomplished? How are all great works in our coun try accomplished? But we see it is quite the reverse. Drunkenness is on the increase, J and: But where is all this leading to? Do not we see the finest talent of our day lost to our country, lost to socie ty, and worse than all, lost to their families?

And is no one responsible bnt they? Can we stand still and say, "Am I my brother's keeper? God makes every man his brother's keeper, and if. Shall this remain so? How long will the American people suffer one man or set of men to manufacture a beverage for the pui-DOse of destroying allwho by hook or crook, or any device of Satan, may be led to par take of it, until we have indeed a na tion of drunkards?. And who can feel that the aff tirs of Stater are safe in the hands of drunkards? But can there be ho remedy? Perhaps not more hopeless than sending missionaries to foreign lands' while our own land rests under such a curse. Then misrht mothers not fear to let their sons go forth to pursue al most any lawful avocation, in life, lest tln;y might ,be persuaded to take a glass, plbeer or wioej or perhaps by the example of some of their associates be induced to-take something a little stronger, and then again and ag: And yet there are thousands of parents 'who are doom'xl to behold in ibeir sons just such a picture in wjiom they had fondly hoped to find a comfort in their declining years.

This Is strong language, bat it is true. It ha produced awn. I one year than hare all other pretended remedies since the world began. It is a counter-irritant, an all-healing paiu reliever- Cripple throw away their crutches, the lame walk, poisonous bites' are rendered harmless and the wounded are healed without a scar. It Is no humbug. The recipe is published around each bottle. Those who now suffer from rheumatism, pain or swelling, deserve to suffer if they will not use Centaur Liniment! We will send a circular containing certificates, rVe recipe, Ac, gratis, t any one requesting it.

Stock- owners this liniment is worth your attention. J No family should be without Centaur Liniment. Sold by all Druggists. Rosa Co 53 Broadway, Sew Tork. Castori is more than a substitute for Castor Oil.

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It is the only un article in existence which is certain to assimilate the food, regulate the bowels, core wind-colic, and produce natural sleep. Children need not cry, and. Bramlette, of Louisville, Ky. He Is doing it by a series of Gift Concerts, the profits of which go to the Library. Bramlette has almost doubled the business of Aff hillsborough writer girl in anthony Louisville Post Office. Eighteen clerks are kept busy twelve hours each day sending off circulars in answer to inquiries for tickets. Furnished by George Stevens, Co. John Cowgill, Ex'r of Chas. Worley, to Jona than Vanpelt, Paint tp, Ha, 10,1. Nelson Taylor to Sallie Jeukins, Hillsboro, lot.

Notice to Subscribers Entitled to Chromas. Several of our subscribers who are entitled to Chromos for obtaining new subscribers during the present year, have not yet called or sent for them. They can now have their choice of any one of the four chromos, "Duck," "Nature's School," "Boy hood of Milton," or "Boyhood of Shakespeare," by cading at the office, or sending a written order. Those who wish their cbromoa sent by mail will please notify us ot their choice, so 'that we can send them without further delay. Saxe, Col onel T. Texas, and especially of San Antonio. Rhodes tells us about Bpeech-making in Congress.

Miss Trafton and Mrs.

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