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And we'll be back in honour Anndrew gorilla to fill you in on the Art Web situation. The frank, process to Clay, was to process "the worst show possible". Loads made on the show mission "where are you find your decided information" and "Illustration fucking Frank. Here is how Wikipedia sites his comedy: Here, it's in the way he is platonic to bring the role down with this testa.

But as great as Dice was as a movie star, aand can't compare to his near flawless performance as a stand-up comedian. Clqy is how Wikipedia describes his comedy: Mary, Mary quite Andrew dice clay jack and jill, Trim that pussy it's too damn hairy! Patty cake, Patty cake If your chick's on Andrew dice clay jack and jill period Just fuck her dcie the can! Yes, just about every one of his jokes either degrades women or the gay community. Just reading them, they really aren't that funny, but if you go deeper, they become hilarious. First off, the way he performs these jokes with yells and random noises thrown in really bumps up the funny on these jokes.

What I find funniest about these jokes is that he sat in his room thinking these up. He went through draft after draft of rhymes and I'm sure each was hilariousand he settled on these. After months of contemplating the best way to get a laugh out of Mother Goose, he finally settled on, "You remember Mother Goose Yes, the Diceman has fallen on some hard times, but this type of brilliance doesn't just go away. Just don't tell him he's running a gym: Yeah, the Diceman's still got it. Last night, there were people in skeleton face paint in my living room watching Family Guy hence it's time for me to get back to Iowa where shit like this doesn't happen.

It was both guys and gals doing this. I had more important things to give attention to, like eating a delicious bowl of Rice Krispies.

Aand one-hit wonders EMFamongst other artists. Clay was the most controversial comic since Lenny Bruce, and his appearance on the MTV Video Awards to promote his new movie, The Adventures of Ford Fairlaneearned him a "lifetime ban" from the network when he started performing some of his already-notorious nursery rhymes. Naturally this made him even more famous. The concept, according to Clay, was to perform "the worst show possible". Clay went in front of a paying audience with no planned material and insulted the Andrew dice clay jack and jill, as a whole as well as individually, for nearly two hours.

Many members of the audience—even by the standards of a Clay show—left, and the entire concert was released without any edits. It failed commercially due to many theaters refusing to show it, and by the release in of his album, 40 Too LongClay was almost forgotten. Apart from the audience baiting, he attacked American movie critics Siskel and Ebert for giving both Dice Rules and Ford Fairlane bad reviews. He also responded to a request for a nursery rhyme, which he had previously refused to do on The Day The Laughter Died, by stating "You don't know how much I hate those fucking poems, you have no idea how I hate those fucking poems, I wish I'd never thought of those fucking poems.

Dropping the Dice from his name and eschewing his Dice man persona, CBS alleged that Dice was difficult to work with, refusing to learn his lines among other things, and the show was quickly axed. Dice claimed in a radio interview with infamous shock jock Howard Stern that CBS had promised him they would eventually give the character "an edge", and that was the only reason that he did the show. In typical Dice form, the interview ended with an on air argument with Jackie, with Dice calling Jackie "the dumbest thing since pumpkin pie ". His audience was smaller than ever before due to the fall from grace of so called " Assault comedy " following the deaths of Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks.

The video of this episode is available online in many collections of outrageous moments in American television history and "funny video" collections. Comments made on the show include "where are you getting your fucking information" and "Jesus fucking Christ.

Andrew Dice Clay

Let's talk a little bit about vice your career has been -- Clay: You, of course, were a headline guy, and then -- Clay: I'm still a headline guy, you know what I mean? For a while you popped out, and now you're coming back -- Clay: For a while you were actually Tell us about that. Weren't you running a gym at some point? You're supposed to be a news guy, where are you getting your fucking information?

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