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This year's grape harvest has been threatened by downpours of near-biblical proportions. And now, Bad Kreuznach finds itself at Call girl in heilbronn centre of one birl the most bizarre, high-profile murder mysteries in the country's history yirl the search for an apparent serial killer whom police and prosecutors geilbronn, simply, 'The Woman Without a Face'. They have no jn to go on. What they do have is a trail of DNA, now stretching back 15 years and across three countries - as well as a grisly new reason to put a face to her double helix.

A case that had for years been gnawingly disturbing, yet still fairly obscure, has leapt on to the front pages of German newspapers. For it appears now that the mystery woman may not only be a killer, but a cop-killer. Two people climbed into the back seat and shot the officers from behind, killing the woman and seriously injuring her year-old partner. The assailants struck so quickly their victims had not even drawn their weapons. As dozens of green-uniformed officers, carrying a smiling portrait of their murdered colleague, paraded at her funeral, the case shocked and moved the country.

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It also sparked one of the largest criminal investigations in German history - with results that at first puzzled, then stunned, the investigators. And when the samples were finally fully secured, tested and compared with Germany's central crime database nearly three months later, there was an extraordinary match - from two quite different murder scenes stretching back a decade and a half. The 'Woman Without gir, Face' had, it seemed, struck again. If Call girl in heilbronn else, Call girl in heilbronn frenzy of media coverage that followed did at least give the mystery woman a name. And the more the police probed, the more matches they turned up, not only iin a string of further crimes across southern Germany but, as the DNA call went out across Europe, with nearly a dozen break-ins and vehicle ib across the border in Austria and France.

Most galling of heiilbronn for the investigators, her DNA signature has continued heilbrohn turn up at new crime sites since Heilbronn - most bizarrely, perhaps, a few months ago when the corpses of three Georgian car dealers were trawled from a river near Heppenheim, south of Frankfurt. Two men were jailed for the killing, an Iraqi and a Somali. In the Iraqi suspect's battered old Ford, forensic officers found traces of the same DNA found in the police car in Heilbronn. But how did it get there? Who is the woman whose genetic calling card has been found at more than 20 scenes of theft, assault and murder hundreds of miles and more than a dozen years apart?

If their Iraqi suspect can help, police say, he's not telling. More than police and prosecutors in three separate teams across Germany, backed by DNA analysis from the BKA in Wiesbaden Germany's equivalent of the FBI and by officers in Austria and France are now involved in an increasingly frantic effort to answer those questions. But nowhere is the sense of determination - and growing frustration - felt more keenly than in a large, pale-yellow building in the centre of Bad Kreuznach. With its long, cavernous hallways and quiet cubbyhole offices, it has the feel of a Fifties insurance office, or a firm of actuaries.

In fact, it is the headquarters of the prosecutors' office of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. And it was here, 15 years ago, that the search for the Woman Without a Face began - with a DNA sample on the rim of a brightly painted teacup. The cup belonged to a year-old woman in the nearby town of Idar-Oberstein, favoured by tourists for the Church of the Rock perched on the hills outside and by businessmen as one of the leading gem-cutting centres in Europe. On 23 Maya neighbour who had knocked on her door and got no answer phoned the police. When they arrived, they found Lieselotte Schlenger dead, strangled by a strand of wire taken from a bouquet of flowers in her sitting room.

Dozens of potential witnesses were interviewed at the time, but no one had seen or heard anything suspicious.

After a while, the case was ggirl but forgotten, set aside in the increasingly vain hope that fresh evidence might one day turn up. Perhaps, Call girl in heilbronn figured, the woman might at some point heilbornn arrested for another, less serious crime, and their puzzle piece would fit. But eight years later, inHorn heilbronm as he thumbs through two now-bulging pink cardboard files on ij case, came glrl much more alarming match. In Freiburg, in the far southwestern corner of Germany, heilbrknn year-old antiques dealer was found dead - again, strangled. It next appeared five months later, just a few dozen miles from Bad Kreuznach, on a discarded heroin heilbronh.

The un needle was turned in to police by a distraught woman ni seven-year-old son had unsuspectingly stepped on it in a playground in the town of Gerolstein, not far from the border with Belgium. And in the increasingly fraught police efforts to unravel the mystery since the policewoman was killed in Heilbronn, checking the evidence against nearly half a million records held at the BKA hfilbronn Wiesbaden, a dizzying mosaic of other Cal, matches has emerged - and with it the heilbdonn of a portrait of their quarry, and the company she keeps. On the night of heulbronn Octobertwo weeks after the syringe was found, a caravan was burgled on the outskirts of Mainz, not far from Bad Kreuznach.

On New Year's Day inthere was a break-in at an office in Dietzenbach, seven miles outside of Frankfurt. Her DNA was there, too. In Decembera car was stolen in Heilbronn. It was later abandoned, and when it was tested, her DNA was found on the petrol cap. In Karlsruhe inthere was a late-night robbery at a bar. Her DNA was found on two beer bottles and an empty wine glass. And it turned up, too, in nearly a dozen break-ins at shops and offices, and several car thefts, in Austria. At some of the crime scenes, the genetic print of presumed accomplices was also found, though according to Horn 'it was never the same ones'.

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