Cute Girlfriend Deep Penetration

But The L Train "Your passion lies on their side. They also often game the other control over the other, Ckte can be a hazard-on for everyone involved. Design the other leg and illustration it with your hand, web above your waist. Your thighs are together and graphic between your passion's thighs. Frank one of her friends and place it over your about.

The Side Roll "Your partner lies on their side, leaning back a little, legs apart. Penetrayion lie in front, backing onto the penis or dildo. Your thighs are together and deeo between penetrafion partner's thighs. You can also Cute girlfriend deep penetration here by starting in Reverse Cowgirl, unbending your knees, and sending your legs out straight in front penetrtion you. And everyone tilts to the side. Reverse Cowgirl "Kneel and straddle your partner, facing the other direction. You can put your arms in front of you and lean on your partner's knees, or you can arch and lean back on your arms behind you.

This does not allow easy eye contact, but you get a lot of control. The Flying Buttress "This is for show-offs. Your partner is on top but facing away from you, head at your feet. Entry can be difficult from this angle. You can tilt your pelvis up to help the cause. For some, this is enjoyable. For others, it requires too much flexibility. Raised Doggy "Your partner kneels or stands behind you and enters you. Your thighs can be apart with your partner's thighs inside yours.

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If your partner's strong, they giglfriend after penetration lift and hold one or both of your legs — like a sexy wheelbarrow. Supported Doggy "You kneel by the side of the penetrwtion, facing penetratuon and bracing your arms Cute girlfriend deep penetration the mattress. Your partner kneels behind you. All the fun of regular doggy, but with solid support. Tired Doggy "You lie face down with one or two pillows under your pelvis, so your butt tilts up. Your partner lies on top of you and enters you from behind with legs either between or outside of yours. Spooning We all like a good spooning, but forget the cuddling part for now because using spooning as a sex position is fantastic.

Both lay down next to each other and choose a side to spoon.

Position her butt towards you and insert your penis, the go hell for leather on dfep Cute girlfriend deep penetration Sex position 4: Slow climb This is a great position for hitting her g-spot and giving her an orgasm very quickly. Tell her to lie on her back. Kneel down as if you were assuming the missionary position. Take her legs and lift them up so either foot is resting girlftiend both of your shoulders 4. Penetrate her girlfgiend and slowly pick up speed. Seated Scissors This can Cute girlfriend deep penetration an awkward one, so make sure you both pretty flexible. Lay on your back and ask her to sit on top of you facing away from you.

Get her to position herself so that she has one of your legs going through both of hers, straddling one leg almost. Tell her to grind your cock. Not only will you be hitting the g-spot and getting REALLY deep, but you can both grind and pound for maximum pleasure. Get her to lay down on her belly. Place a pillow underneath her stomach so that the butt is propped up. Get on top of her without laying on her and begin penetrating her vagina. Lap dance A very sexy position that women will get very turned on by. Lay down on the bed with a few pillows behind your head. Ask her to straddle you at the hips with her ass facing you.

Get her to grind you in a very slow and seductive way, so that she replicates a lapdance. Giddy up Great if the girl has decent lower and upper body strength in her arms, abs and legs. Lay down on the bed and ask the girl to climb on top of you. Get her to do a crab like structure over you with her hands either side of you shoulder width apart legs either side of you near your knees and butt directly on your pelvis. Not great for penetration, but still feels very good when done correctly.

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