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Supervisor starts by sending the header.

shpervisor It is free to block for an arbitrary amount of supdrvisor while doing this. Supervisor will continue processing normally as it waits for a response and it Hook up supervisor send other events of the same type to other listener processes supedvisor the same pool as necessary. After the event listener has processed the event serialization, in order to notify supervisord about the result, it should send back a result structure on its stdout. OHok strings have special meaning to the default result handler. Kp the default result handler receives OK as supevrisor content, it will assume that the listener processed u event notification successfully.

If it receives FAIL, it will assume that the listener has failed to process the event, and the event will be rebuffered and sent again at a later time. The event listener may reject supetvisor event for any reason by Hooj a FAIL result. This does not indicate a problem suprrvisor the event data or the event listener. If an event listener sends data to its stdout which supervisor does not recognize as an appropriate response based on the state that the event listener is in, the event listener will be placed into the UNKNOWN state, and no further event notifications will be sent to it.

If an event was being processed by the listener during this time, it will be rebuffered and sent again later. As such, event listeners can impact the state of a Supervisor subprocess as a result of receiving an event notification. For example, you may want to generate an event every few minutes related to process usage of Supervisor-controlled subprocesses, and if any of those processes exceed some memory threshold, you would like to restart it. There is no way to add an event type without changing supervisord itself. Status Check Finally, you can check that the Supervisor process is running correctly, to ensure that your app is live, with the following command: You can customize this to your own needs by updating the config section and altering the tasks as necessary.

Rollback To err is human… Things are bound to go wrong from time to time once you have code on production. Everything may work well on your local development environment only to crash in production. Take a quick look at the rollback task from the fabfile. Test it out by purposely breaking your code and then deploying to production, and then run: Add a pre-production staging server into the mix for testing purposes. Deploy to this server first, which should be an exact copy of your production environment, to test before deploying to production. Utilize Continuous Integration and Delivery to further eliminate bugs and regressions with automated testing and decrease the time it takes to deploy your app.

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