How To Get Your Girlfriends Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Each are you find for. Are you one of those friends who have been gaming their university since they were girlvriends girls. So how religious to find out her component of the perfect ring without game her figure out she may be en one from you. Most you have it — a sport of possible users to utilize in imperial what your love loves when it honour to THE ring.

If you tell this to a jeweler, they will help you come up with an approximate size depending on which hand and finger she normally wears the ring on. If she's gone for the weekend, then you can take the ring to a local jeweler to have it sized.

You can even buy your own ring sizer online to measure it yourself at home. If you have very little time to borrow the ring before she notices, you can even place Horny women in invercargill ring on a piece of paper and trace a circle around the middle. This circle can help jewelers figure How to get your girlfriends ring size without her knowing the size of the ring once you bring it in. The latter technique may not produce the most accurate results, so just be aware. For the witthout results, try to get the ring professionally sized using a special siae at a jewelry store.

Get the Hoq of family or friends Level of Difficulty: Chances are, at one point they've probably talked about engagement rings and ring sizes. Maybe they've tried some of xize rings on, so friends and family will have a good idea of her relative ring size. But, with this comes a little uncertainty. Your results may not be as accurate as actually sizing a ring she already wears on a daily basis. It may be worth reaching out to friends and family. Maybe at one point they've purchased a ring for her as a gift, and they would be able to reference this purchase.

But, the most important thing about this tactic is that you should be able to absolutely trust friends and family with your secret. The worst outcome here would be if one of them accidentally leaked the surprise proposal. If you know her friends and family well and trust that they could keep the secret, asking them for help may be a good option to consider. Sneak it into conversation Level of Difficulty: Do you have it in you? If you think you can smoothly ask for her ring size in a conversation without giving anything away, it's a perfect technique to utilize in order to find her ring size.

You can be creative with how you bring it up in conversation. Just note that thin bands or those which are intricately covered in gems might not be able to be re-sized. Make sure you check with your jeweler if the ring is re-sizable. You may be able to get her to divulge her ring size by telling her you want to buy a ring for your sister or mother.

7 Stealthy Ways to Get a Woman’s Ring Size and Taste

Tell her you want to get an estimated size for someone else and either ask her to try on a ring or ask her outright what her size is. Beware though; this method could be a dead giveaway if not done right. Jour these one of these tips you should be able to get a fairly het measurement of her ring size and be well on the way knowlng spending the rest of your life with the woman of your dreams. Just remember to keep in mind these important points: Besides figuring out how, when and where to pop the question, you need to find the right ring for your Mrs.

This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Though nothing in life is perfect, if you know her taste and her ring size you will be sure to give the ring that is perfect for her. So how best to find out her idea of the perfect ring without letting her figure out she may be getting one from you? Here are 7 sneaky ways to find her ring size and jewelry tastes. The first and best place to start is with her. Being sneaky requires patience so plan it out a bit and allow some time for information discovery. Time is on your side, and the more time you invest, the more perfect the ring will be for her.

While casually watching TV, make conversation. Are you one of those women who have been planning their wedding since they were little girls?

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